“I’ve known Cathy Nadal for a long time now and she never ceases to amaze me. My life can’t be considered normal by any stretch of the imagination but through good times and bad, her insight has proven to be invaluable to me. Her predictions are always “bulls eye” accurate and her wisdom is unbounded. Over the years, Cathy has predicted business situations, career moves, new bands, stolen guitars, travel changes, love interests and even a weekend in prison! Of course, I proved her right every time! Ha-ha, thank you Cathy Nadal…you are supremely talented and I feel blessed to have you in my corner on this crazy ride!”

Rob Caggiano, lead guitarist of the band Volbeat and Record producer. Formerly the lead guitarist of Anthrax and The Damned Things January 1, 2018

“Thank you for the great read on Sunday Catherine, I really learned a lot and it put so many things into perspective for me.
Looking forward to doing it again and getting more advice for future endeavors from you. You have a very unique talent!!

Steve Lynch, (former guitarist of Autograph) January 1, 2018

“Having never had a reading I was very curious as to how it works. I’d been thinking about this for some time and strangely Cathy reached out to me. So I decided to call her and after a few moments was really inspired by her accuracy about myself! I would recommend contacting her because after I did so it helped me to realize and comfort myself with some of my life’s issues.

David Reece, Bangalore Choir (formerly with Accept) January 1, 2018

“I have known Cathy for a number of years and during that time not only has our friendship grown but so has my respect for her talent and integrity.  She has a great respect for the work she does and the clients with whom she interacts.  The thing that strikes a chord with me is her desire always to be of service in as loving a way as possible.”

Ciarán Sheehan, Broadway/Film/Television Actor & Singer January 1, 2018

“Working with just about the widest variety of people you can imagine…every once in a while you find someone who exhibits truth, caring, compassion and actual talent. Catherine was part of a group that was filmed, on several occasions, investigating a haunted theater. She has always been on time and always been beyond accommodating after being placed in some very challenging situations. Catherine provided readings, insight and validation that invoked a “there’s no way she could have know that” kind of reaction. It truly was an honor to connect with Catherine and I certainly look forward to working with her again.”

Daniel Bucci, Executive Producer, Icon Gate Entertainment January 1, 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting Cathy in New York……. and had an amazing coffee cup reading! Cathy has many talents to say the least. Cathy is truly a gifted reader her information accurate and her honesty not found too often. I would recommend her and have to many”!

Marilyn Whall Sydney, Australia January 1, 2018

I would have to say that when it comes to receiving guidance or insight by these means, I had to be the biggest skeptic around. After a long conversation with my dad, pretty much pleading with me to give it a shot…I reluctantly agreed. Boy am I glad I did. For someone who does not know me at all to put my life in perspective so detailed… was nothing short of amazing. I walked away with a new found sense of clarity about my life and the direction I was headed. It’s an eye opening experience and I highly recommend it to anyone searching for a greater understanding to what’s going on in their world. You won’t be disappointed!

Sharay Hayes NYC January 1, 2018

“I met Catherine a few years ago and was immediately drawn to her. Just after a few words, I felt like she already knew all about me. One of the most talented and compassionate people I’ve ever met.”

Michael T. Ross Keyboardist from Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently in Raiding The Rock Vault, formerly with Lita Ford & Missing Persons July 5, 2020

“Catherine was on my radio show and did a phone reading for me. It was accurate and concise. She is truly gifted and I thank her for being awesome”

Malice Cooper, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada July 6, 2020

“I was really impressed by so much of what came during my reading with Cathy Nadal that was really quite accurate, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not just my dad, who passed recently, but also my grandmother, who has left us decades ago, were both still close to me. Unlike other mediums who probe with questions, Cathy gave specific details of my loved one and my situation without asking anything except “does this make sense to you?”. Towards the end of the reading, I asked about my Dad who was very much on my mind. Cathy said she saw him surrounded by birthday candles and seemed puzzled. I laughed. I had tried to book a reading with a different psychic on his birthday a week before, but it fell through, and I had felt really bad about missing it. When Cathy saw the birthday candles I knew he was trying to tell me that he knew I had tried. I woke up the next morning for the first time in months feeling joyful, knowing that my dad is at peace and that my loved ones are with me. I thank Cathy from the depths of my heart for allowing me a few extra minutes on my reading to connect with my dad. I don’t think I would have felt at peace had I not been able to hear from him, especially after a second attempt. I am very grateful for Cathy’s gift. I’ve worked with only a few other intuitive in the past, but I have never had the level of accuracy that Cathy brought to the reading, nor have I ever seen the kind of excellent work ethics that Cathy showed me.”

Laura Valeri Author of Safe in Your Head, The Dead Still Here and L'Isola del Silenzio July 9, 2020

“After the death of my wife of 25 years, I attended a James Van Praagh seminar hoping to find someone who could help me deal with a number of issues. Of the 30 or 40 people who displayed their considerable abilities, Cathy clearly stood out with her laser-like insight. Since then I have gotten to know her as a compassionate and talented woman and consult her regularly”.

Don Gleason Tokyo, Japan July 10, 2020

“Thank you for the great reading today, Catherine. You helped me to clarify some choices I need to make in regard to my career, home and relationships. It was also very comforting to be reassured that my loved ones who have passed are really looking out for me. I hope to schedule a longer reading in the future. You have a wonderful gift. God Bless!”

Lisa New Jersey July 11, 2020

My reading with Cathy was AMAZING! Losing my soul mate so young and so suddenly has completely devastated me. My Logan came through with a force, which was true to form for him. She was completely open to him and allowed him to let me know he is okay and there were sooooo many things that she could have not known that were just between him and I. The comfort and peace I felt after the reading was unexplainable! I couldn’t believe that my grandmother started us out and the things she told me were jaw dropping! I HIGHLY recommend Cathy to anyone wanting to communicate with the spirit world, she has a true gift and is such a blessing! I believe God gave her such a gift to help and assist those who need comfort in their time of need. The pain I have been experiencing is a pain not of this world and a pain i didn’t even know existed, completely incomprehensible! And there is a little ease of the pain after my reading with Cathy. If you want true communication, and a chance to feel a little comfort if you are grieving, a moment to step out of the chaos and experience LOVE, book with Cathy, you will not regret it!”

Megan Doyle, Wheeling WV August 2, 2021

“Catherine did a reading for me after we had not connected for some time. As always she was precise on all aspects of the energies and happenings currently happening in my life. She correctly aligned the people, dates and locations factoring in my decision to move out of state for the benefit of my young son. Everything from the dates I made the decision to the professionals and family members that helped me through the process. Even more remote are the people she named that will also benefit from my East Coast to West Coast Florida move. She named a childhood friend of my sons to the real estate agent that assisted me with finding realtors in three states. These are not random names or events that Catherine could have guessed at as she was very exact in aspects of an agreement that I have with my former husband and his wife. She is truly gifted in seeing and grasping what comes to her (this is from long distance mind you) from my sphere to hers. I was amazed at her accuracy and ability to weave so many people, places and situations into a concise reading that fits nicely into a place that now makes sense to me. I can now purchase my home in Florida and make the move confident in knowing that it is the right step in the new direction of my next journey in life. “

Karen Massachusetts August 2, 2021

“I reached out to Catherine after a failed attempt to contact my husband through another medium. I was going to give it one last shot before I gave up. There were signs that lead me to the Forever Family Foundation, so I decided to go with a medium that was certified through them. Catherine immediately brought through my grandmother and started describe my entire mother’s side of the family right down to a T. I was writing so much information down that I didn’t realize I half-hour was almost up. At minute 27 my grandmother finally brought my husband. And even though I had only paid for half hour session,Catherine continued.

She described his personality and details about his life that were personal. I had made a small shrine and I was sitting in it, when I had the session. I was holding onto his motorcycle helmet in hopes that he would mention something in that room with me. Sure enough, she told me he was mentioning a black helmet and it took my breath away. She then told me how proud he was of how I honored him after he passed instead of being angry.

I had every right to be angry since he was taken from us way too soon and left behind 2 young children. Those were the 2 things that I was waiting to hear that solidified the proof that he knew what was going on in the present time after he had passed. She continued to mention people and objects that he was describing to her, which all made sense to me. At the end of the session, she mentioned a “which was the first initial of his name and the significance of the month of June, which is our wedding anniversary. I am so grateful for the opportunity to hear that my husband is truly still with us.”

Stacey Florida August 2, 2021

“I had the pleasure of contributing to Sgt. Eddie Ryan’s benefit by choosing to pay for a 15 minute reading with Cathy. I had three questions prepared ahead of time in order to receive the most out of my reading. Cathy’s accuracy and insight helped me gain clarity with concerns I have at my new job and in my personal life. Although the reading was only 15 minutes, the take away was far greater. The quality of the reading outweighed the quantity for sure.”

L.M.S Windsor Locks, Connecticut August 2, 2021

“It’s a day after my first reading with Cathy and I still have goosebumps! Her accuracy about my past was unbelievable! She gave me names of past people and they were not common names or names that would appear on my social media. She has never met me so she had no information about me. As I was writing down what she was saying I didn’t realize how spot on she was with both timeline and details. Amazing!!”

Kim New York, New York August 2, 2021

I have been trying to connect with, hear my Mom since her death in 2018. I have always been cautiously interested and hopeful with a bit of skepticism in seeing a medium but Catherine blew me away. There were details that no one knew but my mother and I. She nailed my Moms message to me as well as my Grandmother. I have been at peace since. Knowing they are around us. I will definitely be back for more!!

Stefani Seattle, WA August 2, 2021

You gave me a special date to place on my calendar and said it would greatly impact my life.
The date you gave was August 18th, 2015.
I wanted to give you a follow-up/testimonial of your accuracy. At the time of my initial reading back in May 2015 myself, my family & my father were all unaware of my father having inoperable lung cancer. You did not “see” this, but you DID SEE the very significant date of August 18th, 2015. This is the day he will begin taking chemotherapy treatments and his road to recovery. This is the day of our new beginning.

Paula New York August 2, 2021

I recently had a phone mediumship reading with Catherine. I was amazed at the things that came through to her. Some things she said almost no one would know about myself and my family members. I have had readings in the past but nothing even close to the reading and the level and detail of information.What a talent and gift she has!  I would certainly have another reading from her.

Cindy Boston, MA August 2, 2021

“I would like to Thank Catherine, for an amazing reading. I have had many readings in the past and Catherine is the first Psychic to not ask for any information regarding my background. Catherine was able to name names in my family, and give specific events that have occurred or are occurring at the moment in my life. This reading left me with the greatest confirmation in my relationship with God. Catherine has an amazing gift that will leave you feeling secure and confident. You may not understand exactly all the information given right at that time but they are signs of what’s to come. I am grateful to Catherine and her gift she bestows. Thank You Catherine, I will be coming to you again soon!!”

Lindsay Guillen August 2, 2021

I booked the special “15 minute reading” with Cathy, which was dedicated to the New York Wounded Vet Run. During the reading, Cathy revealed to me that I had been obsessing over leaving a five year relationship, which is true. Throughout the reading, she made references that affirmed everything that has been happening lately and even touched on several past failed relationships. She specifically gave the names of my father, and grandfather, and even details like where my step-father and mother had gotten married. This communication with my deceased family members was very touching and also showed a connection to failed relationships. Overall, this reading has helped me put some concerns to rest, continue to make better choices; as I am learning to move on and “let go”.

Stacy B. Wisconsin August 2, 2021

“I’ve had numerous mediumship readings over the years, so I always have high expectations in readings. Cathy brought through my loved ones clearly and with great detail. She was able to provide numerous validations on their personality and life that they lived. She’s very easy to talk and has a firm grasp of how to conduct a professional mediumship reading. I really appreciate her style as she explains how she receives the information, by seeing or hearing it. This helped me to better understand the symbols and messages that were discussed. I would definitely recommend Cathy to anyone who is interested in an accurate mediumship reading. Plus, her rate is very reasonable .”

Holly NYC August 2, 2021

“I contacted Cathy at the end of 2013, because I was confused about the direction my jewelry business was going to take. Her insight was invaluable. From helping me to figure out the right name for my business, to how to develop my brand creatively and to having the courage to move on to the next stage and leave my day job. She helped me to gain the right guidance to build my business.”

Lisa Owusu NYC, Charlton and Lola Jewelry August 2, 2021

“I was very pleased with my reading. The first thing Cathy mentioned was “lillies” which has had many meanings in my life, from the flower to the name. It definitely floored me. She truly cares about her clients and giving them the best readings possible. I’m very much looking forward to more visits with her in the future”.

Simone New York August 2, 2021

“Cathy is simply amazing in her abilities. Over the last number of years I have known her she has been dead on with her future sight much to the amazement of people present witnessing her at work! When I was looking for a home in the local area she was able to predict not only what I would find, but even color and amenities the home had. Of course less than a week later there I was standing in the door of the place. A second example was her prediction of an individual entering my life, down to hair color, size, shape, and the effect this person would bring. Again, dead on. When she tells me something of what is out there, I take heed as she is going to be right. She is simply amazing.”

Luke Minnesota August 2, 2021

“Thank you for taking the time last evening for my reading. I have to say I was quite impressed and awed by some of the information, facts & visions. They were facts that only someone with true a true gift could see. I have my one “special” date saved on my calendar & tucked my notes away until my next reading. Best wishes.”

Paula New York August 2, 2021

“I wholeheartedly recommend Cathy. Her psychic readings are extremely accurate, very insightful assisting you in seeing clarity about multiple situations. I also found her to be very kind person.”

Paige Virginia August 2, 2021