Testimonial From A Young Wife

"I reached out to Catherine after a failed attempt to contact my husband through another medium. I was going to give it one last shot before I gave up. There were signs that lead me to the Forever Family Foundation, so I decided to go with a medium that was certified through them. Catherine immediately brought through my grandmother and started describe my entire mother's side of the family right down to a T. I was writing so much information down that I didn't realize I half-hour was almost up. At minute 27 my grandmother finally brought my husband. And even though I had only paid for half hour session,Catherine continued.

She described his personality and details about his life that were personal. I had made a small shrine and I was sitting in it,when I had the session. I was holding onto his motorcycle helmet in hopes that he would mention something in that room with me. Sure enough,she told me he was mentioning a black helmet and it took my breath away. She then told me how proud he was of how I honored him after he passed instead of being angry.

I had every right to be angry since he was taken from us way too soon and left behind two young children. Those were the two things that I was waiting to hear that solidified the proof that he knew what was going on in the present time after he had passed. She continued to mention people and objects that he was describing to her,which all made sense to me. At the end of the session,she mentioned a "D" which was the first initial of his name and the significance of the month of June,which is our wedding anniversary. I am so grateful for the opportunity to hear that my husband is truly still with us."

Stacey, Florida


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